Raluca Borlan

PhD Student

Research Interests

Raluca is in the second year of her doctoral studies in physics, with an ongoing research interest focused on two complementary topics: The development and characterization of organic nanoparticles loaded with different classes of near infrared fluorophores, as contrast agents for real time image-guided cancer surgery; Thus, Raluca's second topic of interest is the biofunctionalization and in vitro investigation of the synthesized nanoparticles for specific targeting of ovarian cancer cells.


  • Synthesis, optimization and spectroscopic characterisation of protein-based nanoparticles 
  • Nanoparticles biofunctionalization for targeted delivery and fluorescence-guided imaging

International visibility

  • Main author of 1 ISI article and 1 international conference participation as main presenter with poster

For more information, please consult:  

ORCID iD: 0000-0003-3581-3020 - orcid.org

BrainMap ID: U-1900-061V-8864 - brainmap.ro

Google Scholar: scholar.google.com

Email: raluborlan@gmail.com 

Phone: +40 264 454554/ int 117

Most Relevant Publications

Design of Fluorophore Loaded Human Serum Albumin Nanoparticles for Specific Targeting of NIH:OVCAR3 Ovarian Cancer Cells, R. Borlan, A-S. Tatar, O. Sorita, D. Maniu, G. Marc, A. Florea, M. Focsan, S. Astilean, Nanotechnology, just accepted (2020).