Ana Maria Crăciun


Research Interests

  • Synthesis of multifunctional polymer-coated gold nano-objects with attractive optical properties, for various application such as biosensing, bioimaging and therapeutic assays.
  • Investigation of intrinsic multi-photon photoluminescence of gold nanoparticles for the development of efficient label-free bioimaging and immunodetection applications
  • Implementation of new analysis and spectroscopic imaging methods through exploiting the performances of MicroTime200 confocal microscopy system coupled with femto-second Titanium:Sapphire laser


  • Synthesis of multifunctional colloidal gold nanoparticles
  • Steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy
  • Fluorescence-based detection assays
  • Non-linear optics
  • Spectroscopic techniques (absorption, DLS, zeta potential)
  • FDTD-based numerical simulations 

International visibility

  • Co-author of 43 ISI papers (9 as a main author/corresponding author) and 1 book chapter (Elsevier), ~ 1140 (Scholar) / 925 (WoS) citations, Hirsh index: 18 (Scholar) / 16 (WoS)
  • 4 national grants/scholarships (total amount ~200.000 euro) as project leader, key member in 13 other national and international research grants
  • Scientific Excellence Diploma from Babeș-Bolyai University in 2017 

Web of Science ResearcherID: C-6735-2012  >

ORCID iD: 0000-0002-6561-0972  > 

BrainMap ID: U-1700-039X-3567  >

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Most Relevant Publications

Probing cellular uptake and tracking of differently shaped gelatin-coated gold nanoparticles inside of ovarian cancer cells by two-photon excited photoluminescence analyzed by fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) , S. Suarasan, E. Licarete, S. Astilean, A. M. Craciun, Colloid Surf. B, 166 (2018) 135 - 143

Enhanced one- and two-photon excited fluorescence of cationic (phenothiazinyl)vinyl-pyridinium chromophore attached to polyelectrolyte-coated gold nanorods , A. M. Craciun, M. Focsan, L. Gaina, S. Astilean, Dyes Pigm., 136 (2017) 24 - 30

A Simple and Efficient Design to Improve the Detection of Biotin-Streptavidin Interaction with Plasmonic Nanobiosensors , M. Focsan, A. Campu, A.M Craciun, M. Potara, C. Leordean, D. Maniu, S. Astilean, Biosens. Bioelectron, 86 (2016) 728 - 735

Hybrid plasmonic platforms based on silica-encapsulated gold nanorods as effective spectroscopic enhancers for Raman and fluorescence spectroscopy , A. M. Gabudean, D. Biro, S. Astilean, Nanotechnology, 23 (2012) 4857061

Gold Nanorods Performing as Dual-Modal Nanoprobes via Metal- Enhanced Fluorescence (MEF) and Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) , A. M. Gabudean, M. Focsan, S. Astilean, J. Phys. Chem. C, 116 (2012) 12240 - 12249