Timea Nagy-Simon


Research Interests

Development of multifunctional noble metal and polymer based nanoparticles for biomedical applications (phototherapy, drug delivery, bioimaging)


- Synthesis of noble metal and polymeric nanoparticles and loading/conjugation with different functional molecules (fluorophores, drugs, antibodies, targetig agents)

- Optical spectroscopy

- Dark field/ DIC/ fluorescence microscopy

- Photodynamic Therapy, Photothermal Therapy of cancer cells

International visibility

  • Co-author of 29 ISI papers, from which 9 as a main author; 3 book chapters, 1 patent
  • Hirsh index 19 (Scholar); 17 (WoS)

For more information, please consult:

ORCID: 0000-0002-7494-1124 

BrainMap ID: U-1700-039N-3891 

Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=iNV577EAAAAJ&hl=en 

E-mail: timea.nagy@ubbcluj.ro

Most Relevant Publications

IR780-dye loaded gold nanoparticles as new near infrared activatable nanotheranostic agents for simultaneous photodynamic and photothermal therapy and intracellular tracking by surface enhanced resonant Raman scattering imaging, T Nagy-Simon, M Potara, AM Craciun, E Licarete, S Astilean,  J. Colloid. Interface Sci 2018 (517) 239-250

Designing theranostic agents based on pluronic stabilized gold nanoaggregates loaded with methylene blue for multimodal cell imaging and enhanced photodynamic therapy , T Simon, M Potara, AM Gabudean, E Licarete, M Banciu, S Astilean, ACS applied materials & interfaces 2015 (7) 16191-16201

LED‐activated methylene blue‐loaded Pluronic‐nanogold hybrids for in vitro photodynamic therapy , T Simon, S Boca‐Farcau, AM Gabudean, P Baldeck, S Astilean, Journal of Biophotonics 2013 (6) 950-959