Raluca Lăpușan-Borlan


Research Interests

Raluca Lapusan-Borlan is a postdoctoral researcher and 5-year member of the Nanobiophotonics and Laser Microspectroscopy Centre (NLMC) of the Interdisciplinary Research Institute in Bio-Nano-Sciences, Babe?-Bolyai University (BBU), Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Raluca has an ongoing research interest focused on two complementary topics, the first one being the development and characterization of nanoparticles, as multimodal therapeutic and contrast agents. In addition, her second topic of interest is the in solution, in vitro and in vivo investigation of the multimodal effects and therapy of the phototheranostic agents, including sensing applications. Hence, she has gained genuine expertise in the design and implementation of nano-sized carriers as sensors, photothermal and contrast agents. 


  • • Synthesis, optimization, and spectroscopic characterization of organic nanoparticles based on proteins, polymers, etc.
  • • Nanoparticles biofunctionalization for targeted delivery, therapy, selective biosensing and fluorescence-guided imaging
  • • Optical spectroscopy (UV-Vis spectroscopy; dynamic light scattering, zeta potential; fluorescence spectroscopy)
  • • Optical microscopy (confocal microscopy, fluorescence microscopy)

International visibility

  • Main author of 4 ISI article and 2 international conference participation as main presenter with poster
  • Key Member in 6 national research projects

For more information, please consult:  

ORCID iD: 0000-0003-3581-3020 - orcid.org

BrainMap ID: U-1900-061V-8864 - brainmap.ro

Google Scholar: scholar.google.com

Email: raluca.borlan@ubbcluj.ro

Phone: +40 264 454554/ int 117

Most Relevant Publications

Antioxidant Activity Evaluation and Assessment of the Binding Affinity to HSA of a New Catechol Hydrazinyl-Thiazole Derivative, M Mic, A Pîrnău, C G Floare, R Borlan, M Focsan, O Oniga, M Bogdan, L Vlase, I Oniga, G Marc, Antioxidants 11 (7), 1245 (2022)

Antibody Functionalized Theranostic Protein Nanoparticles for Synergistic Deep Red Fluorescence Imaging and Multimodal Therapy of Ovarian Cancer, R Borlan, M Focsan, M Perde-Schrepler, O Soritau, A Campu, L Gaina, E Pall, B Pop, O Baldasici, C Gherman, D Stoia, D Maniu and S Astilean, Biomaterials Science (2021)

Fluorescent phthalocyanine-encapsulated bovine serum albumin nanoparticles: their deployment as therapeutic agents in the NIR region, R Borlan, D Stoia, L Gaina, A Campu, G Marc, M Perde-Schrepler, M Silion, D Maniu, M Focsan and S Astilean; Molecules, 26(15): 4697 (2021)

Interventional NIR Fluorescence Imaging of Cancer: Review on Next Generation of Dye Loaded Protein-Based Nanoparticles for Real-Time Feedback During Cancer Surgery, R Borlan, M Focsan, D Maniu, and S Astilean, International Journal of Nanomedicine, 16: 2147–71 (2021)

Design of Fluorophore Loaded Human Serum Albumin Nanoparticles for Specific Targeting of NIH:OVCAR3 Ovarian Cancer Cells, R. Borlan, A-S. Tatar, O. Sorita, D. Maniu, G. Marc, A. Florea, M. Focsan, S. Astilean, Nanotechnology, 31(31): 315102 (2020).