Andreea Câmpu

PhD Student

Research Interests

"A. Campu is a 6-year member of the NLMC group, where she has realized both her master and doctoral thesis proving her expertise in the synthesis of colloidal anisotropic bipyramidal gold nanoparticles with tunable plasmonic response, their spectroscopic and morphologic characterization and functionality assignment in the development of sensitive and specific bionanosensors. Currently, one of her main research interest is the controlled deposition of the gold nanostructures on solid and flexible substrates and their efficient integration in different nanodevices for multiplexed detection applications. Furthermore, she is focused also on the design of plasmonic nanosystems as therapeutic agents for their implementation in efficient and localized Photothermal and Photodynamic Therapies."


  • Synthesis, fabrication and characterization of plasmonic nanosensors in solution as well as immobilized on various substrates and integrated in microfluidic channels for specific and efficient detection applications.
  • Design of gold nanoparticle-based nanosystems as therapeutic agents for efficient  plasmon-assisted/induced Photothermal and Photodynamic Therapies.

International visibility

  • Co-author of 10 ISI and 1 Non-ISI articles, from which 6 as main author, generating a cumulated impact factor of 42, Hirsch Index: 4 (Scholar)/ 3 (WoS); citations: 53 (Scholar)/ 34 (WoS). Additionally, she is the main author of 1 book chapter (Elsevier), 1 O.S.I.M patent application form (code 00958/2018), 9 international conference presentations - 5 as oral presentations, and co-author to an additional 19 international conference communications.
  • Moreover, A. Campu received a national grant - Mobility Project for Researchers, and was awarded the Procter&Gamble Award: Best Poster Among Women in Science (2017).

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ORCID iD: 0000-0001-9474-1552 -

BrainMap ID: U-1700-037Z-9569 -

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Phone: +40 264 454554/ int 117

Most Relevant Publications

ICG-loaded gold bipyramids with NIR activatable dual PTT-PDT therapeutic potential in melanoma cells, A.Campu, M. Focsan, F. Lerouge, R. Borlan, L. Tie, D. Rugina, S. Astilean, Colloids and Surfaces B:Biointerfaces, 194 (2020), 111213.

Microfluidic Platform for Integrated Plasmonic Dual Detection, A. Campu , F. Lerouge, A. M. Craciun, T. Murariu, I. Turcu, S. Astilean, M. Focsan, Nanotechnology, 31 (2020), 335502.

Assessment of the Photothermal Conversion Efficiencies of Tunable Gold Bipyramids under Irradiation by Two Laser Lines in NIR Biological Window, A. Campu, A. M. Craciun, M. Focsan, S. Astilean, Nanotechnology, 30 (2019), 405701.

Multimodal Biosensing on Paper-Based Platform Fabricated by Plasmonic Calligraphy Using Gold Nanobipyramids Ink, A. Campu, L. Susu, F. Orzan, D. Maniu, A.M. Craciun, A. Vulpoi, L. Roiban, M. Focsan, S. Astilean, Front. Chem., V. 7 (2019), 55.

Gold NanoBipyramids Performing as Highly Sensitive Dual-Modal Optical Immunosensors, A. Campu, F. Lerouge, D. Chateau, F. Chaput, P. Baldeck, S. Parola, D. Maniu, A.M. Craciun, A. Vulpoi, S. Simion, M. Focsan, Anal. Chem., V.90 (2018), P. 8567-8575.

Sensitivity improved Plasmonic Platform for specific Biomarkers Detection, M. Focsan, A. Campu, C. Leordean, M. Potara, A. Gabudean, D. Maniu, S. Astilean, Biosens. Bioelectron., V.86 (2016), P. 728-735.